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23.2.2021 14:00 SKAL ry
Finland’s path towards lowering emissions from road transport by 2030 and 2045.
3.2.2021 12:58 FinMobility
CEO, Head of Brussels Office of FinMobility, Pasi Moisio said “we are willing and committed to join and strengthen the cooperation between CECRA and FinMobility."
30.10.2019 12:58 SKAL ry
Finnish Transport and Logistics SKAL | Logistical profile in Finland | Finnish haulage company characteristics | Reducing emissions in transport – the big picture
5.11.2018 15:30 SKAL
A recent survey by the Finnish road haulage operators’ organisation SKAL revealed than only a quarter of its member firms were using electronic systems to document their operations. Alarmed at this modest level of preparedness for the rapidly advancing digitisation of logistics, the organisation was motivated to tackle the challenge of developing a suitable electronic solution for haulage firms. SKAL will present its new Aski+ solution at the General Assembly of the International Road Transport Union IRU in Oman.
31.5.2018 09:09 UNECE
IRU has informed the UNECE secretariat that, on 18 May 2018, the TIR system will become active for the People’s Republic of China.
26.3.2018 10:15 IRU
The European Parliament’s revision of the Eurovignette Directive is an opportunity to establish a fair road user charging system, which guarantees a level playing field between different modes, and reinvests revenue in the sector to incentivise cleaner, more efficient road transport.
6.11.2017 10:48 SKAL
The Infra Contractors Association, representing infrastructure construction firms and employers in Finland, has joined the Brussels-based lobbying initiative of Finnish Transport and Logistics SKAL. Now backed by nine Finnish road transport and SME organizations, the unit will benefit from powerful synergies in European Union lobbying.
31.8.2017 11:08 SKAL
The joint lobbying unit of Finnish road transport organizations and the Federation of Finnish Enterprises in Brussels, has appointed a new member to the team starting August 28th.
12.6.2017 12:10 SKAL
For the first time in six years, the Transport Barometer of Finnish Transport and Logistics SKAL is showing clear growth in road haulage volumes and business turnover. SKAL believes that this upswing will gather pace with good road maintenance and construction, and by ensuring continued vocational training of professional drivers.

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