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February 2021

3.2.2021 12:58 FinMobility
CEO, Head of Brussels Office of FinMobility, Pasi Moisio said “we are willing and committed to join and strengthen the cooperation between CECRA and FinMobility."

May 2020

May 2018

31.5.2018 09:09 UNECE
IRU has informed the UNECE secretariat that, on 18 May 2018, the TIR system will become active for the People’s Republic of China.

March 2018

26.3.2018 10:15 IRU
The European Parliament’s revision of the Eurovignette Directive is an opportunity to establish a fair road user charging system, which guarantees a level playing field between different modes, and reinvests revenue in the sector to incentivise cleaner, more efficient road transport.

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