3.2.2021 12:58

CECRA welcomes FinMobility as a goodwill member

Brussels, 03/02/2021
CECRA welcomes the Portuguese national trade association, ARAN as an active member and FinMobility as a goodwill member.
ARAN’s new President, Rodrigo Ferreira da Silva, said “our board agreed to apply for a membership within CECRA and as President I welcome this decision as it is very significant, with an ever more challenging future for our sector, only together we grow stronger”.
CEO, Head of Brussels Office of FinMobility, Pasi Moisio said “we are willing and committed to join and strengthen the cooperation between CECRA and FinMobility. FinMobility has several pillars of mobility advocacy (passenger and freight transport, logistics, taxi sector, automotive, infrastructure, driving schools). I am sure that CECRA will also benefit from this teamwork”.
ARAN’s mission is to promote, defend and support the interests of the activities within the automotive sector. It fosters the spirit of solidarity and mutual support among its members, as well as their development. ARAN develops skills and promote activities that boost the interests and the professional development of its members.
FinMobility is a leading voice in the EU for the Finnish employers’ and business organisations in the mobility sector. FinMobility represents 13.500 companies employing 100.000 people. FinMobility cooperates widely and transparently with the EU-institutions, Brussels-based representatives of transport and mobility sectors, business organisations and authorities of the EU member states. We also participate in the activities of our members’ umbrella organisations in the EU.

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