SKAL in brief

SKAL represents companies who offer road haulage services, as well as enterprises providing logistical services. SKAL has some 4 300 members.

The two main tasks of SKAL are to serve its members and to lobby on behalf of the Finnish road haulage sector.

The board of SKAL consists of haulage entrepreneurs whose hands-on experience and knowledge are invaluable in guiding the direction of our lobbying activities.

SKAL's management team comprises of experts representing fields such as transport policies, technology, economics and communications. The management team members and their teams serve the member companies by up-to-date communications, advise and activities.

The expertise of SKAL covers, in particular, the following areas:

  • operating licence qualifications and process
  • matters related to starting up a haulage company
  • training of haulage entrepreneurs and drivers
  • vehicle measures and masses
  • cost structure, technical norms
  • the legislation guiding the haulage sector, including
  • environmental regulations
  • road maintenance,
  • traffic safety

Member services

We inform without delay the member companies of news and changes in the haulage sector and consider their needs in communications planning.

SKAL's extranet serves the member companies with rapid updates. The website requires authentication and is not publicly available. Furthermore, our Kuljetusyrittäjä (Haulage operator) magazine, press releases, newsletters and various activities contribute to continuous flow of information and updates.

Mission and values

Our mission: SKAL - pathfinder for tomorrow

SKAL represents Finnish companies who offer road haulage services, as well as enterprises providing logistical services. We work for our members' benefit by providing the best-possible member services and by exerting powerful influence in society.

Our values

Supporting our members

Finnish transportation businesses are important to our society in many ways. SKAL was established by haulage companies to lobby tirelessly on behalf of our members to develop a favourable operating environment. We guarantee every member equal treatment within our organisation.

A reliable expert

SKAL is a reliable expert serving its members, our partners, the authorities and the media. As a member you can always be certain that SKAL will offer accurate advice in matters related to your operations. In our lobbying activities, we provide fact-based information in an honest manner.

Strong Finnish operators

The successful functioning of society requires reliable and non-stop road transportation services. Finnish haulage companies are able to cope with difficult road conditions and make it possible for society’s wheels to keep turning regardless of the season and the time of day. When transportation operations are carried out by Finnish companies, our responsibility to society is being met.


Finnish Transport and Logistics SKAL consists of: member enterprises; local, regional and specialist associations; and logistics, associate, ancillary, cooperation and veteran members. Our team of experts at the SKAL headquarters in Helsinki serves all these entities. Managing Director Anssi Kujala leads the office.

Additionally, we have a permanent representative in Brussels, Mr. Pasi Moisio.

Contact information

In cooperation for our members: