Integrated system for automated and paperless management of transit documents and for tracking movement of goods in real-time.

The project MobiCarnet aims to speed up the process of goods transportation cross-border via an automated and paperless management system of transit documents. Furthermore, it enables real-time tracking of the movement of goods.

Why MobiCarnet?

Currently there is no integrated system to enable the management of transport-related information and documentation across borders electronically. This makes the transportation of goods time consuming and ineffective.

In practice the project helps to harmonize transport procedures by enabling real-time overview of trucks and goods movement for all authorised organisations involved and preventing duplication and double checking of data.

The MobiCarnet system will be first implemented within the three corridors in the region of Estonia and Finland. After the project, both partners are responsible for improving the system further according to the needs and possible changes in the regulations of the country.

Project partners

The project is implemented in close partnership with the Association of Estonian International Road Carriers and SKAL Kustannus Oy, a company owned by Finnish Transport and Logistics SKAL.

CB 293 MobiCarnet project is financed by ERDF; Central Baltic Programme. 

Lead partner:
Association of Estonian International Road Carriers, Tallinn, Estonia
Project partner:
SKAL Kustannus Oy, Helsinki, Finland
Associate partners:
Estonian Tax and Customs Board, Tallinn, Estonia

In cooperation with:
Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom, Helsinki, Finland

Contact in MobiCarnet

Mika Anttila
System Specialist
+358 9 4789 9352
+358 40 703 7944

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