SKAL members are Finnish operators in the haulage and logistics sector that have an operating licence for goods transportation.

SKAL membership

SKAL members are Finnish operators in the haulage and logistics sector that have an operating licence for goods transportation. Most of our member enterprises are small, operating only one or two trucks. Some 200 member enterprises operate more than 10 vehicles. SKAL also has cooperation members, veteran members and candidate members.

Applications for candidate membership can be submitted, for example, when attending our training courses. Candidate membership is valid for a limited period and candidate members cannot participate in SKAL events.

Membership developement

Approximately 9000 entrepreneurs in Finland are engaged in the licenced haulage of goods, we represent some 55 % of them.

To some extent, the retirement of entrepreneurs and the closure of businesses explain the decline in membership. The generation which is now retiring grew up participating in organisational activities, regarding them as a natural part of being an entrepreneur. Even though younger generations have not yet widely realised the benefits that flow from such participation, SKAL does have young members.

Some member enterprises have also merged, which has resulted in fewer but larger units.

SKAL’s aim is to represent the clear majority of entrepreneurs in the haulage and logistics sector. Among other efforts, we are working to strengthen our membership base through membership campaigns.

Rights and responsibilities of SKAL members

Members’ rights

  • The right to participate in decision making
    One of our members' most important rights, this right is implemented by providing equal opportunities for each member to participate in SKAL meetings. Members have the right to attend, speak and vote at meetings, and to run for election.
  • The right to obtain information about SKAL and its affairs
    Members' have the right to access SKAL documents such as member records on request. The minutes of SKAL meetings also have to be accessible by members. Members do not have the right to access the minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors.
  • Financial rights
    The right to participate in SKAL activities and receive member services. In addition, members have the right to demand that a general meeting of the association be called if, for some reason, the Board of Directors has not done so.

Members also have the right to demand that the Board of Directors call an extraordinary meeting. The harmonised model rules of SKAL’s local associations require that at least one-tenth of voting members submit a written request to the Board of Directors to convene an extraordinary meeting that will decide on a particular issue.

On receiving such a request, the Board of Directors must call the extraordinary meeting within a period of four weeks.

Members’ responsibilities

  • To be loyal to SKAL and refrain from taking any actions against it
  • To pay the membership fee in accordance with SKAL's by-laws
  • To be active and involved in SKAL’s activities
  • To comply with decisions made by SKAL

It is not however mandatory for members to accept positions of trust, such as chairmanship of the association, and they may decline appointment to such posts without explanation.

Become a member

If you are running a haulage business in Finland with a Finnish operating licence, you can apply for membership in SKAL.

Contact our office: +358 9 478 999 and ask for membership services or; email us at
Subject: Membership inquiry. State your name, business name and we will get in contact.

In cooperation for our members: