Aski+ solution brings haulage firms into the digital age

A recent survey by SKAL revealed than only a quarter of its member firms were using electronic systems to document their operations. Alarmed by the news, SKAL started developing a practical digital solution for haulage firms. The result of this work, Aski+, is tailored for road haulage companies.


Background of Aski+

SKAL’s Transport Barometer survey in 2016 suggested that road haulage operations all too frequently depend on human memory and paper checklists for managing contracts, vehicles and staff skills. This was alarming, because logistics is one of the most rapidly digitalizing sectors in the world. SKAL checked the market and discovered that there was no suitable commercial solution available for the specific electronic documentation needs of haulage firms. Hence, SKAL decided to teamed up with Visma Consulting to develop one. 


Completed a year ago, the Aski+ solution facilitates secure administration of business agreements and records, bringing order to operations. The solution can also be readily customised for deployment beyond the confines of Finland.
  • Aski+ is secure, user-friendly, and able to provide a very wide range of information processing functions. 
  • Aski+ requires only an Internet-connected terminal device, such as an office or portable PC, or a tablet computer. 
  • The Aski+ system can manage information related to contracts, vehicles and staff. The system can accommodate all details of haulage equipment, including trailers, tools and demountables.
  • Aski+ provides reminders concerning such aspects as the expiry dates of contracts and the limits of staff competencies. 
  • The company owner can apply Aski+ user privileges to prevent unauthorised disclosure of personal data.

Further development on its way

SKAL is engaged in further development work with a view to incorporating a customised cost accounting tool for haulage businesses. 

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