Finns pull together in EU affairs

Currently 9 Finnish associations work together for the interests of the road transport, inrastructure and SME's in Brussels.
EU SKAL ALT Suomen Yrittäjät Taksiliitto Linja-autoliitto Autoalan Keskusliitto Infra Tieyhdistys Autokoululiitto

Finnish Transport and Logistics SKAL is a lobbying organisation that represents businesses providing road haulage and logistical services, with a membership of some 5,300 transport and logistics businesses.

The Employers’ Federation of Road Transport (ALT) is a national employers’ association that represents and promotes the collective bargaining interests of road haulage and bus transport companies.

The Federation of Finnish Enterprises is a lobbying and service organisation for small and medium-sized enterprises that seeks to improve the position of entrepreneurs and make Finland an entrepreneurial society.

The Finnish Bus and Coach Association (LAL) provides vocational cooperation and lobbying services for bus and passenger transport operators in Finnish commercial public and tourist transport.

The Finnish Taxi Owners’ Federation is a stakeholder and service organisation for licensed taxi operators throughout Finland. The Federation promotes good operating conditions for the taxi industry.

The Finnish Central Organisation for Motor Trades and Repairs (AKL) is an association that lobbies for the economic and collective bargaining interests of enterprises in automobile and machinery trading, and in repair, paintwork, rust prevention and motor vehicle inspection services.

The Infra Contractors Association in Finland is an industry and employers’ federation for the infrastructure construction sector with some 1,500 member enterprises engaged in constructing and maintaining highways, terminals and public utility networks.

The Finnish Driving Schools Association is a national organisation for driving school businesses that focuses on promoting road safety and establishing good conditions for driving schools to train responsible, socially aware and environmentally friendly drivers.

The Finnish Road Association highlights the importance of the road and transport sector for Finnish competitiveness and affluence. The association has over 2,900 members, including government agencies, local authorities and enterprises.

In cooperation for our members: